Repeater Amplifier Cell-Phone-Signal 3G 2G 4G GSM 2100/2600mhz LTE

    Repeater Amplifier Cell-Phone-Signal 3G 2G 4G GSM 2100/2600mhz LTE Specification & Description Summary

    Repeater Amplifier Cell-Phone-Signal 3G 2G 4G GSM 2100/2600mhz LTE Specification

    • Model Number700/850/1800/2100/2600MHz Amplifier
    • Gain70db
    • Repeater Coverage300-1000 sq.ft
    • suit forAll AU carriers
    Dear all , please ready before read:
    This model work in 700mhz , 850mhz , 1800mhz , 2100mhz and 2600mhz five band . when the frequency match , it can work . usually work in 2g 3g and 4g network.
    Please confirm the 4g frequency with SIM card service before you buy .Thank you !
    Working principle: Signal repeater just improve the indoor signal via OUTDOOR GOOD signal .
    please find a good signal (at least more than 1 bar signal, if more than 2 bars signal will work perfectly ) place to install the outdoor antenna .
    Support Outdoor condition : 
    1.Cell phone at least can catch 1-2 signal bar Outdoor : work in normal
    2.catch full bar signal outdoor :can work in perfectly.
    If cell phone only catch less than 1 bars signal outdoor : please purchase in consideration .
    Thank you .
    Best regards.




    4g signal booster GSM 2G 3G 850/ 700 /1800/2100/2600MHz Cell Phone Signal amplifier 70dB Cellular Repeater with Omni Antenna Kit
    1. This booster only works for 700/850/1800/2100/2600MHz. 0-1 bar outside signal may not be suitable for using it.Before ordering,
    please check your local signal frequency by calling network operator or checking on some sites.
    2. For installation, you are supposed to pay attention to the following points:
    1) There is seperate wall between indoor and outdoor antennas to make two antenna signal not interfere with each other.
    2) To avoid interference, please make the distance of indoor and outdoor antenna more than 10 meters, let them not pointed at each other. 
    1. Three Months Free Replacement
    2. 3 Years Manufacturer Warranty
    3. Fast Handle time & Free Shipping
    4. Support Wholesales,More Units More Discount

    1. Coverage: 500-1000 square meters without barriers
    2. Improve Band 28(700mhz), Band 5(850mhz), Band 3(1800mhz), Band 1(2100mhz), Band 7(2600mhz), at the same time.
    3. Support more than 30 cell phones to use at the same time.
    4. Reduce cellphone transmit power.
    5. Easy to install. This repeater set includes everything you need.
    6. With ALC and AGC function.

    Packing list:
    1.5 Band Booster unit
    2. Power Supply
    3. User Manual
    4. 6dBi Outdoor Omni Antenna(with 50ft cocial cable)


    5. 3dBi Indoor Whip Antenna










    Electrical specification



    Frequency Range

    Band 28



    Band 5

    824~849 MHz


    Band 3

    1710~1785 MHz

    1805~1880 MHz

    Band 1



    Band 7



    Max .Gain



    Max. Output power



    Gain Flatness

    ≤10dB(P-P) @ B28.1.7
    ≤15dB(P-P) @ B3.B8

    MGC (Step Attenuation)

                ≧20dB / 1dB step

    Automatic Level Control                     


    Automatic shut down

    When self-oscillation happen or attenuation value reaches 20dB, power supply is shut down.

    Spurious Emission


                 ≦-36dBm @ 3KHz


                 ≦-30dBm @ 3KHz

    Noise Figure




    Group Delay


    LED  Indicator


    LED  Indicator

    Continuous GREEN @ normal;
    Twinkly GREEN @ input signals may be not enough.

    Continuous YELLOW @ stronger input signals, AGC is working;
    Twinkly YELLOW @ self-oscillation happen ,AGC is working,the attenuation value is more than 12dB.

    Continuous RED @ power supply is shut down.

    Mechanical  Specifications


    I /O Port




    Operating Temperature


    Environment Conditions






    Power Supply

    Input AC100~240V 50/60Hz,output DC 12V

    Easy Setup in 4 easy steps:
    1. Mount the External Antenna where you have the strongest cell phone signal, typically on a roof or in an attic.

    2. Connect the internal antenna to the Amplifier Base Unit and place where you need improved signal. Indoor antenna should connect "MS" end of Amplifier.

    There should be a minimum of 2 vertical meters of separation between the Base Unit and External Antenna.

    3. Run the coax cable (10 meters) between the Base Unit and External Antenna. External antenna should connect with "BTS" end of repeater.

    4. Connect the power supply to the Amplifier Base Unit and plug into a power outlet and you are done!  


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    Repeater Amplifier Cell-Phone-Signal 3G 2G 4G GSM 2100/2600mhz LTE

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